Savile Row Jack


Though a former gangster, Jack Flowers likes to be seen as a respectable business man, even if his ambitions often subvert his intentions. When an irrestible opportunity presents itself, his actions betray his family and jeopardise his business empire, forcing him to return to the ways of the past.

Reluctant to pay taxes, Jack uses his son Teddy’s loss-making business to launder his profits. His success encourages him to offer the service to third parties, but when the company’s finance director disappears in mysterious circumstances, and the company’s acquisition is imminent, he is forced to take steps to protect his interests.

He employs Charlie, his daughter, after she loses her City job. Determined to make her presence felt, Charlie interferes at every opportunity, in spite of Jack’s efforts to prevent her intervention. Unaware of the true nature of her father’s activities, and knowing little about his associates, Charlie promises her brother that she will save his company.

When Jack’s efforts to protect the company reach an impasse, he is forced to take extreme measures to retain it. Though he hatches, and implements, an elaborate plot against its acquirer, it is Charlie who protects her brother’s business and rescues her family’s fortune, employing means markedly different from her father’s.

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