Call to Arms

Would you risk your life for King and Country?

For the Bennett family, the introduction of military conscription in January, 1916 is the moment of truth.

Robert, newly returned from America, declines to enlist in defiance of the Military Service Act, determined to abide by the pacifist principles of his Quaker family. Deemed to have enlisted, he suffers abduction, field punishment and the death sentence.

Michael, his younger brother, though under age, defies his parents and enlists in the infantry. Decorated for bravery, he is posted as ‘missing in action’.

Alice joins the No-Conscription Fellowship, an organisation dedicated to supporting those who have defied the War Office. She falls in love with Malcolm, a wounded infantry officer who sat in judgment on Robert’s refusal to obey lawful orders. Scarred by his experiences in the line, Malcolm betrays Alice and endangers her life.

Set in military tribunals, the trenches of the Western Front, the bleak cells of Wandsworth Prison and the echoing corridors of London’s military hospitals, Call to Arms is a story of love, betrayal, fortitude and faith as a family struggles to reconcile its personal convictions with its obligations to its King and Country.

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