After Helmand

Previously an infantry officer who served with distinction in Afghanistan, Archie has become a psychotherapist who specialises in the treatment of stress disorders. He receives an unexpected visit from Louise, a childhood friend and former lover, who wants him to help her husband Billy, a soldier who has struggled to adjust to civilian life.

Meg O' Dwyer is a human rights lawyer. Her father, a Republican sympathiser, was shot dead by British soldiers in the doorway of his bar in Belfast when she was seven. Her investigations into the behaviour of British soldiers in Afghanistan are flagging when she receives a video from Cyril, once a sergeant in Archie's company, revealing a war crime in Afghanistan

Cyril's decision to come forward, Meg's relentless pursuit of the truth, and Billy's dangerous behaviour, bring matters to a head. Urged on by Louise, threatened by Meg's investigations, and concerned for Cyril's safety, Archie finds himself forced to make the choice between love, loyalty and duty that he has sought to avoid.

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